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ZIA Gallery, Winnetka, IL

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The Bonfoey Gallery, Cleveland, OH


I am currently represented by Chicago-based ZIA Gallery and Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. I have exhibited both solo and in a group, both nationally and internationally, at venues in Chicago, Santa Fe, Art Miami-Basel; Florence, Italy; and Colombia, South America. My work is in corporate, private, and museum collections, including the Midwest Museum of American Art, Pillsbury Corporation, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, with honors, from the University of Chicago, and my Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. I studied photography and painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I am a Chicagoan, now living in Southwest Michigan. Over the years, I taught art at Shimer College, Kendall College of Art and Design, the David Adler Cultural Center, and numerous workshop venues.

The Work

I gain inspiration from the woods that surround my home studio. Exploring abstraction to interpret the natural world, I approach the 2D surface as a page in a naturalist’s notebook. The lines suggest a type of writing. I embrace all aspects of nature from atmospheric mists to water worlds and earthen flora. How geometric and organic forms work together, in spite of the apparent dichotomy, interests me. Random marks, splashes, or drips rest next to deliberately honed patterns and forms.

Accident and intent work hand in hand as I apply acrylic paint and graphite to the stretched canvas. The graphite lines are sealed with acrylic gel medium as I paint. Many layers of acrylic and graphite are applied in order to achieve richness. Sometimes I work with a variety of materials on archival tissue paper, and adhere them into the painting. This method allows for crisp lines and shapes on a textured surface. The buildup of medium creates a patina that can be either relaxing, dynamic, or both.   


ZIA Gallery installation; Water related

ZIA Gallery; Undertow

ZIA Gallery installation; Nature; Modern Art; Monoprints

ZIA Gallery; Monoprints, Garden Door, Garden Plan


ZIA Gallery installation

ZIA Gallery; Flourish, Floral Deconstruct

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ZIA Gallery installation; Square Series; Quilts; Chess Game

ZIA Gallery; Square Series, Of the Earth, Sources

ZIA Gallery installation; Midwest Museum of American Art

ZIA Gallery; Monoprints, Flower Line, Navigating

ZIA Gallery installation; Bouquet Series

ZIA Gallery; Bouquet Series; Square Series

ZIA Gallery installation; Bouquet Series

ZIA Gallery; Bouquet Series

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